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Broom and mops factories Multi-functional 3 in 1 spray Mop floor Cleaning Flat aurora Microfiber sweeper for floor cleaning

Broom and mops factories Multi-functional 3 in 1 spray Mop floor Cleaning Flat aurora Microfiber sweeper for floor cleaning

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Spray mop with sweeper
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Products Description

Manual Carpet Sweeper Mode - Easy Debris Collection

Our spray mop with integrated sweeper is a versatile cleaning tool designed to simplify your cleaning routine. When used as a Broom sweeper, the roller located under the panel efficiently collects debris, hair, and trash into a built-in dust bin. This feature makes it ideal for hardwood floors, tiles, short-hair carpets, and felt mats. The dust container's dumping port is conveniently positioned at the bottom of the machine. With the push of a button, the door automatically opens, allowing for easy one-handed waste disposal. The large diameter of the door ensures thorough waste dumping, leaving your floors clean and tidy.

Flat Mop With Spray Mode - Seamless Switching

When it's time to mop the floor, our sweeper and mop Combo makes the transition effortless. You can directly install the mopping bracket onto the Push sweeper without the need to bend over. This all-in-one product simplifies the process, eliminating the need for manual installation. Simply align the Manual brush sweeper with the mopping bracket and push it down to securely install it. The hassle of switching between sweeping and mopping is a thing of the past with our convenient and user-friendly design.

Water Spray Function - Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency

In addition to its sweeping and mopping capabilities, our product also features a water spray function. The water spray mop is designed to combine the advantages of a spray bottle and a flat mop, offering an easy-to-use cleaning experience. The Spray mop bar's ergonomic handle includes a trigger mechanism that allows you to spray a fine mist of water in a fan-shaped area in front of the mop cloth. With just one press of the trigger, a substantial amount of water mist is sprayed, making the cleaning process effortless. The one-handed operation further enhances the convenience of our Microfiber spray mop.

External Water Tank - Hygienic and User-Friendly

The mop bar of our sweeper and mop Combo is equipped with an external water tank, allowing for easy refilling and emptying. Simply remove the water bottle and fill it with water to enable the mop spray function. After use, emptying the water tank is equally straightforward, preventing the growth of bacteria. The introduction of the spray mop has revolutionized floor cleaning by eliminating the need to soak the Spray floor mop in a water bucket, carry a heavy container, or bend over to change the water. Say goodbye to walking around the room with a dripping mop in disarray. Our all-in-one spray mop offers a more efficient and hygienic cleaning solution.

Versatile Cleaning with Ease

With its 180-degree horizontal and vertical rotation capability, our water jet mop effortlessly reaches low spaces, such as the bottom of sofas, making cleaning a breeze. The 360-degree rotatable mop head allows it to navigate around obstacles, ensuring thorough cleaning in every corner. The mop cloth of our mop cleaning floor utilizes a blend of materials for multi-functional cleaning. The carbon fiber fabric effectively removes stubborn stains, while the PP hair is designed to tackle hair and debris. The cotton fiber fabric boasts strong water absorption capacity, preventing the spread of liquid during mopping. Installing the cleaning mop cloth is simple, thanks to the Velcro attachment system. The evenly spaced Velcro patches securely hold the mop in place. Additionally, the small brush attached to the mop bar assists in removing tangled hair and dirt, enhancing the mop's cleaning performance. For convenient storage, the mop bar features a hanging hole, allowing you to hang the mop on the wall and save valuable storage space. In conclusion, our multifunctional mop and sweeper Combo offers a seamless and efficient cleaning experience for any surface. With its dual modes of sweeping and mopping, you can easily switch between the two without bending over or engaging in complicated installations. The water spray function provides enhanced cleaning efficiency, while the external water tank ensures convenience and hygiene. The versatile design and rotatable mop head allow for easy maneuverability, reaching even the most challenging areas. The multi-functional mop cloth, attached with Velcro, ensures effective cleaning, and the small brush assists in removing tangled debris. With the added convenience of a hanging hole for storage, our spray mop and sweeper combo is the ultimate cleaning tool for your home or workspace. Upgrade your cleaning routine today and enjoy effortless and sparkling clean floors.
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