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All Mountain Snowboard

All Mountain Snowboard

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OEM Cheap Custom Skis Training All Mountain Adult Cover Powder Snowboard

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If these skis are laid flat on the ground, the middle part of the skis will be raised. This classic design shape best lets the player control the double-edged ski, maintain stability at high speed, and give you the greatest boost when jumping.3_02

Reverse-camber, also known as Rocker, is the concave shape of the whole plate. If placed flat on the ground, Reverse-Camber's head and tail would not touch. There is little chance that the ski will get stuck in the snow while skiing. The result of this design is like skateboarding. And Rocker's skis are very flexible in deep snow because the head and tail are tilted up. The pressing action is almost effortless.3_033_04

W ski is a product of half camber and half rocker. As the name implies, Hybrid's skis are a combination of ordinary camber and rocker. There are many skis of this type, but most of them are rocker (concave) in the middle of the board and Camber shape in the head and tail of the board. Compared with full rocker boards, hybrids lose some flexibility in deep snow, but remain stable at high speeds and on ice.3_05

Snowboard Material:

1. Top sheet material ICP 4160


2. Biaxial fiberglass

3.Rubber foil dampening: 0.2*10mm Two layer. Imported from Japan

4. Poplar wood core

5. Inserts :4*4 SUS304 Stainless

6. Biaxial fiberglass

7. Rubber strip

8. Rockwell 129 steel edge Thickness 2.0mm, imported from Austria

9.Sintered base IS 7200

10. Colorful ABS sidewall

11. Composite: Epoxy resin

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